Modular Residential

An innovative British business using modern methods of construction (MMC).

One of the UK’s first manufacturers of steel framed fully internally finished houses and apartments.

Our steel framed modular homes are manufactured in our factory, delivered to site, craned into position on the foundation pad, connected and made weather tight. Thereafter, it takes only a few hours to fully commission them ready for the required external envelope of roof and cladding to be fitted. Depending on design, the envelope can be finished in a few days.

“The housing market in this country is broken, and the cause is very simple: for too long, we haven’t built enough homes.”
Fixing our broken housing market | Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) | 2017

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Our mission is to manufacture energy efficient, sustainable, long lived, high quality, affordable homes for the future.
Our objective is to help solve the UK housing crisis.

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Our highly sustainable steel framed modular homes are manufactured to high quality standards, are both very energy efficient, competitively priced and are delivered on time.

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Our strength comes from the skill and expertise of our employees. If you are interested in joining our dynamic team…

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Our management team has extensive experience in modular housing, production engineering, land development, technology and environmental science. A blend of skills from multiple sectors brought together to produce a truly engineered product.

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"I am working with an exciting business, Modular Residential, who I am confident will become major manufacturers of modular homes on a national scale."
Mark Cross | Relationship Director | Lloyds Bank | 2016